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CoreWeave Accelerates VFX With Thinkbox Deadline Integrations

CoreWeave Accelerates VFX With Thinkbox Deadline Integrations

Render Up to 95X Faster with CoreWeave Cloud




Immediately available, CoreWeave customers can use ThinkBox Deadline to schedule rendering jobs to CoreWeave. This gives you the convenience of Deadline coupled with CoreWeave’s best-in-class technology and service, without the infrastructure overhead of managing your own network infrastructure.

Why it Matters

When you need additional compute power, you no longer have to buy expensive render blades or even rent expensive GPUs that aren’t always available when you need them most. Instead, you can now take advantage of CoreWeave’s affordable pricing and virtually unlimited GPU availability with minimal changes to your team’s workflow.

CoreWeave provides the industry’s most responsive auto-scaling, allowing studios to access virtually unlimited rendering capacity, at the industry’s best economics, without needing to maintain and pay for idle compute time.

Without the burden and cost of maintaining their own hardware, studios can meet tighter deadlines, iterate faster, and accelerate workflows across their production pipeline.

The Details

With CoreWeave’s new Deadline integration, VFX studios can now continue to use the industry standard in render queue management but significantly accelerate their production pipeline by  transitioning more of their compute intensive jobs to our specialized cloud. Our clients are saving between 85-95% in GPU costs vs. AWS, GCP, or Azure.

Whether you’re already a CoreWeave customer or have been looking to make the switch, this new integration is a win for VFX studios everywhere.



Key Features 

  • Fast and Flexible: CoreWeave’s out-of-the-box auto-scaling functionality provides VFX studios with the fastest, most responsive solution for accessing render nodes through Deadline. CoreWeave Cloud provides an unparalleled scale and variety of CPU & GPU computing resources, providing an infrastructure that supports your studio’s current and future needs. Pipeline engineers can go from a stand-still to rendering full pipelines in minutes.
  • Safe Redundancy: back-ups are always running for every rendering service on the CoreWeave Cloud, allowing you to maintain the flexibility to rebuild, reconfigure, and redeploy within minutes.
  • Save Time: our new Deadline integration allows pipeline engineers to offload infrastructure management to CoreWeave. This also gives you the confidence that licensed render nodes will automatically be allocated to render frames in parallel, in real time. Compute resources with CoreWeave are accessed on-demand—meaning you no longer have to worry about your project being preempted by providers and failing to render.
  • Save Money: CoreWeave offers the best economics in the industry—the lowest prices paired with massive gains in efficiency with auto-scaling, creating the best performance adjusted cost of any cloud provider. There’s no need to maintain idle cloud compute capability in your render farm, so you only pay for the resources when you need to and drop them when you don’t.
  • Business Intelligence: CoreWeave’s provides unprecedented visibility into your cost per job, so you can make smarter business decisions and cut down on unnecessary costs.

What’s Next? 

CoreWeave makes moving your infrastructure to the cloud a snap. Our team helps you centralize your tech pipeline with Virtual Workstations, storage, and a cost structure that gives you the confidence to scale. With CoreWeave, you get better collaboration and a more efficient pipeline—no matter where your team is located.

At CoreWeave, we’re constantly innovating & evolving to provide the best VFX cloud infrastructure. Continue to look for further developments to CoreWeave’s suite of cloud services, including expanding our footprint to better support west coast and European VFX studios. Sign up for our newsletter below for future updates.

Hope to chat soon!

Max Hjelm

Head of Business Development 

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