How to Get Started with Platform Engineering, Featuring Zeet [Webinar]

How to Get Started with Platform Engineering, Featuring Zeet [Webinar]

See how AI and machine learning companies are using Internal Developer Platforms like Platform Engineering to self-serve their own infrastructure. 

What is platform engineering? 

Platform engineering is the discipline of designing and building Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs), toolchains, and workflows that enable self-service capabilities for software engineering organizations.

Think you don’t have an Internal Developer Platform? You do.

Your Internal Developer Platform (or IDP) is all the surface area that your developers have to interact with to get something deployed or into an environment. So, if the process is creating a ticket, sending a Slack message to a DevOps Manager, etc. This is just what your IDP looks like.

That’s why platform engineering is the next big thing in managing infrastructure. With it, your team can self-serve their own infrastructure, migrate to the cloud faster, cope with increasing demand, and reduce costs.

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • Platform engineering from an engineer’s point of view
  • How to implement platform engineering today on your team
  • Case Study: Migrate a  1 million user application from AWS to CoreWeave in 48 hours
  • Elon-Scale: What a single tweet response from Elon does to your cloud infrastructure when you have an Internal Developer Platform


  • Johnny Dallas, CEO at Zeet
  • Vasia Patov, Senior Backend Engineer at CoreWeave

Ready to get started with platform engineering?

Zeet helps DevOps and platform engineering teams develop internal developer platforms. Learn more about our partnership with Zeet and how platform engineering can benefit your team.

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