Press Release: CoreWeave Joins NVIDIA CSP Program

Press Release: CoreWeave Joins NVIDIA CSP Program

Accelerates GPU in the Cloud for Remote Work

Springfield, New Jersey —September 10, 2020—

CoreWeave, an accelerated compute cloud built for intensive workloads, today announced it has joined the Cloud Service Provider Program within the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) to bring GPU acceleration to the cloud to empower distributed workforces.

Distributed workforces are creating an increased demand for powerful and reliable cloud-based solutions. Combining powerful NVIDIA GPUs with CoreWeave’s value-added services, teams can work smarter, faster, and more efficiently by accessing high-performance compute on-demand. By providing the infrastructure to support multiple workloads around AI, HPC, ML and rendering,CoreWeave allows people the freedom to focus on what they do best: compute, create, innovate. 

CoreWeave provides unparalleled scale and selection of GPUs, delivered via bare-metal instances, in order to right-size workloads, accommodate on-demand burst compute needs, and offer the industry’s fastest spin-up times. Joining NVIDIA’s NPN Cloud Service Provider Program allows CoreWeave to double-down on their commitment to helping clients optimize their cloud infrastructure to support compute intensive workloads.

As a qualified partner in the program, CoreWeave can work with businesses to deploy NVIDIA GPU-accelerated solutions for modern workloads, including AI, data science, CGI rendering, HPC and virtual workstations.

“It’s never been more important for companies to support their machine learning and creative teams from the cloud,” says Brian Venturo, Chief Technology Officer of CoreWeave. “By partnering with NVIDIA - and joining the NPN Cloud Service Provider Program - we’re unlocking a distributed workforce’s ability to do what they do best, from wherever they work, by supporting their compute-intensive workloads on CoreWeave Cloud.”

“CoreWeave’s commitment to building an infrastructure that highlights NVIDIA’s compute resources delivers a world-class cloud solution to customers in need of the most performant AI, ML, HPC and rendering solutions,” said Matt McGrigg, Director of Global Business Development for Cloud and Strategic Partners at NVIDIA.

About CoreWeave

CoreWeave Cloud is built from the ground up for today’s most intensive compute workloads. With over 45,000 GPUs available on-demand, the CoreWeave Cloud platform allows creators, innovators and engineers access to the scale compute resources their tasks require. Delivered via bare-metal instances, CoreWeave’s vast portfolio of GPU and server configurations provides the ability to “right size” for every workload, while keeping projects on budget.

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