PureWeb Releases On Demand Streaming Platform for Unreal Engine and Unity on CoreWeave

PureWeb Releases On Demand Streaming Platform for Unreal Engine and Unity on CoreWeave

PureWeb Reality’s On Demand deployment delivers high-performing, immersive 3D experiences at scale in both Unreal Engine and Unity.

PureWeb Reality, the leading platform for streaming real-time 3D built on Unreal Engine and Unity, just released its On Demand deployment capability with CoreWeave. With the release of CoreWeave 1.0, PureWeb Reality™ is now the only real-time 3D streaming platform that offers simple, scalable, and secure On Demand deployments for Unreal Engine and Unity users.

On Demand from PureWeb: The At-Scale Solution Creators Need

On Demand gives real-time 3D creators the ability to deploy immersive 3D experiences at scale without worrying about access to compute resources or the underlying infrastructure.

Benefits of On Demand:

  • Access compute resources at scale and on demand
  • Deploy immersive experiences in Unreal Engine and Unity
  • No need to predict traffic and reserve cloud computing resources in advance
  • Only pay for streaming time—no additional fees

3D designers and developers are always searching for tools that will enhance their productivity, performance, and deployment capabilities. With On Demand from PureWeb, creators hand over cloud orchestration management to PureWeb. 

From real-time production on set to Metaverse applications, tools like Unreal Engine and Unity have grown in popularity and become indispensable for studios. For Unreal Engine and Unity users, the ability to deploy on demand without worrying about infrastructure can significantly improve how they work today.

“With PureWeb’s release of CoreWeave 1.0 supported by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, creators can tackle the most complex workloads while generating enhanced immersive real-time experiences.”
— Greg Jones, Director of Global Business Development and Product Management for Extended Reality at NVIDIA. 

Performance enhancements of On Demand:

  • Unity compatible: PureWeb’s On Demand capability is now also available to Unity creators.
  • Significantly improved launch times: Customers taking advantage of PureWeb On Demand with CoreWeave will have consistent launch times up to 4x faster than before.
  • Improved rendering performance: PureWeb On Demand with CoreWeave is built on high-end professional GPUs, including the NVIDIA RTX 5000 GPU, which is optimized for rendering performance.
  • Improved latency and load times: PureWeb’s best-in-class global routing system ensures customer deployments get the lowest latency connection with the fastest load times possible.

A Partnership Dedicated to Serving Creators 

Real-time streaming requires the flexibility to scale elastically, which is exactly what CoreWeave delivers. CoreWeave’s specialized cloud infrastructure is purpose-built for GPU-accelerated workloads, including real-time streaming and powering projects in the metaverse. By leveraging CoreWeave for its new On Demand offering, PureWeb gives creators access to the type and scale of GPUs required to match the complexity of their experiences.

“With the inclusion of CoreWeave into PureWeb Reality, we are able to ensure that our customers have access to best-in-class GPU hardware, in the quantities they need for their most demanding projects, without any of the engineering and operational effort of building and managing expansive cloud infrastructure.”
— Chris Jarabek, VP of Product Development at PureWeb.

CoreWeave has long partnered with PureWeb to deliver a fully managed, end-to-end solution for streaming interactive, web-based 3D content. With CoreWeave’s enterprise-scale compute solutions, PureWeb Reality is the only real-time 3D streaming platform that offers On Demand deployments for both Unreal Engine and Unity experiences.

"We're thrilled to support this continued collaboration, with CoreWeave’s specialized cloud infrastructure and the wide range of NVIDIA RTX GPUs enabling the On Demand deployment offering by PureWeb. With faster launch times and access to compute at a massive scale, PureWeb is the clear choice for real-time streaming." 
— Max Hjelm, VP of Sales at CoreWeave.

The Most Cost-Effective Solution in the Industry Today

In addition to performance enhancements of On Demand, PureWeb’s partnership with CoreWeave offers resource pricing that empowers creators to scale. Customers only pay for streaming time, making this the most high-performing, cost-effective solution in the industry today.

Compared to mega-cloud providers, CoreWeave reduces the per-user cost of Pixel Streaming by 68%, with GPU instances starting at $0.24/hr. The result? Cloud infrastructure encourages scale rather than inhibiting it, so creators can grow with ease—without worrying about how much their growth will cost them. 

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