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We Are CoreWeave

We Are CoreWeave

We are CoreWeave: an accelerated cloud focused on compute intensive workloads. We provide a suite of value-added services on top of access to GPU compute at scale, helping the CGI & AI/ML markets build a more efficient and cost effective cloud infrastructure. We manage infrastructure-as-a-service so creators and engineers can focus on doing what they do best. 

With over 45,000 GPUs in our fleet, we are the largest private operator of GPUs in North America. Our GPU infrastructure is delivered from 5 data centers in Chicago, North Carolina, New Jersey and New York, and rivals the assets operated by the large cloud computing companies. Need access to compute with all of the bells and whistles? No problem. Just need access to raw compute power at scale? We have that too.

Delivered as a managed Kubernetes service, CoreWeave Cloud is application agnostic, providing the underlying infrastructure for clients to seamlessly integrate and auto-scale compute resources into their engineering and production environments. Our bare-metal instances provide the industry’s best spin-up time, empowering our clients to launch new instances 35x faster than on traditional Virtual Machine infrastructure. Simply put, we help spin-up the resources you need in real time, and scale down when you don’t.

We are an NVIDIA Cloud Service Provider Partner, and our data centers operate top-of-the-line NVIDIA GPUs, including the NVIDIA V100 for NVLINK and NVIDIA Quadro RTX Series. With the industry's broadest selection of NVIDIA GPUs, we're able to match the right compute resources with the complexity of your project - not more, not less. You no longer need to choose between paying too much for more power than you need, or settling for lower performance in order to accommodate your budget.

We’re here to support you. Our clients consider our engineers to be an extension of their DevOps team. Our skilled engineers ensure that you’re maximizing performance, while optimizing cost. We’ll manage your Kubernetes infrastructure through on-boarding, scaling and maintaining so you can focus on what you do best: creating & innovating. 

All of this up to 80% more cost effective than the major cloud providers that you’re used to working with. Appropriately priced compute, coupled with a more efficient infrastructure and usage-based billing means your team can work smarter and scale faster.

We believe the future belongs to the creators.

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