VFX and Rendering
VFX and Rendering

Accelerate your team’s workflows with a cloud-based production pipeline

Flexible on-demand artist workstations, virtually unlimited rendering capacity, and network-attached storage so you can iterate faster and hit any client deadline on budget.

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Modernize your VFX rendering workflows

Tap into a virtually unlimited scale of NVIDIA GPUs  and CPU compute that are highly optimized for rendering, on-demand and at scale.

  • Infrastructure expertise

    Our engineers work with your team to identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your production pipeline so you can focus on what you do best: creating incredible content.

  • Enterprise scale and start-up agility

    CoreWeave operates a massive scale of GPU and CPU compute available on-demand with the “can do” attitude of a start-up. The result? A better cloud platform, with a pricing structure that keeps you on budget.

  • Render wrangling

    Our US-based Render Wranglers are available to troubleshoot issues, ensuring that your projects stay on track. We render hundreds of projects every day, and have seen it all. Yeehaw.

The most innovative VFX and Animation studios run on CoreWeave

Modular solutions across the VFX pipeline provide flexibility, scalability, and an intuitive path to migrating to the cloud.

  • Render at capacity with the industry’s fastest and most responsive auto-scaling

    Rendering is in our DNA. We build products and manage infrastructure to support production pipelines of any size, while ensuring your projects stay on budget. Didn’t get it right the first time? We’re a team of engineers, developers, and render wranglers ready to roll up our sleeves and make sure you meet your deadlines, no matter how tight they are.

    • With virtually unlimited capacity for GPU and CPU rendering, confidently scale across the resources required to meet any project deadline.
    • We provide UBL so you don’t need to think about scaling limitations due to a finite number of licenses.
    • Not ready for a full cloud-integration? Burst to CoreWeave Cloud when you need it to complement your existing on-prem infrastructure.
  • Flexible Virtual Workstations powered by NVIDIA Quadro RTX GPUs

    Empower your team to access the resources they need in real time, wherever they’re working from. CoreWeave’s Virtual Workstations improve artist workflows and reduce the burden of maintaining “on-prem” infrastructure, resulting in greater productivity, less strain on your team, and a better end-product for your clients. Let’s get those creative juices flowing.

    • Manage and provision workstations with easy-to-use tools ranging from CoreWeave’s UI, CLI, API or Terraform. 
    • Customize readily available Linux or Windows base images or bring your own QCOW2 image to meet your needs. Clone and manage root disk using Packer.
    • Leverage high performance, network attached storage for pipeline files, assets, and root disk to make sure your artists always have what they need - without overpaying for data transfer or bandwidth.
  • Deploy Deadline with better efficiency and speed

    CoreWeave provides a fully managed implementation of Deadline, including all its necessary components, delivered as a service to VFX and Animation studios who require quick setup, low overhead, and virtually unlimited scale.

    • Submit jobs to a repository fully managed by CoreWeave, or connect to CoreWeave compute to your own repo managed on-prem.
    • Our managed Deadline repositories are delivered as a high-availability service via a Kubernetes Helm Chart, making deployments more durable, faster, and more scalable than ever.

Case Studies
Spire ultimately decided to partner with CoreWeave to build out their infrastructure and fully leverage the power of Unreal Engine - workstations, storage, renderfarm and networking - all in the cloud.
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With CoreWeave, Procedural Space was able to render, store, compress, encode and produce 100GB of 4K high-resolution images in just one week. Read more.
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From On-Prem to On-the-Go: Learn how Molecule VFX moved their entire production pipeline to the cloud with CoreWeave.
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